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Do you take responsibility?

The past is the past. That can’t be changed. But I can change my story for my future self. Recognise my feelings and go with them.

I’m guilty.

I’m guilty of not taking responsibility for my choices and actions. I’m guilty of passing on the blame. I’m guilty of being the reason why friendships have broken down. I’m guilty of missing out on opportunities. I’m guilty of allowing negative thoughts to creep into my life.

I shouldn’t be guilty of these things but I am. I made these choices for whatever the reason at the time. They are done. The consequences took.

Taking responsibility is about the privilege to take ownership of the choices and actions I make each and every day.

I need to take responsibility for my health. Respect and listen to my body. Give it the self-care it deserves. Give my body sensual and sexual desires it wants.

I need to take responsibility to make my life more pleasurable. Give things importance. Define the freedom in my life. Building the courage to know I’m capable to handle what life throws at me. To take risks; big and small. Have those conversations that are needed.

I need to step out of my comfort zone. Do those scary goals. Don’t judge things on success or failure. The failure allows me to grow.

I need to figure out how to get out of the lows in life. Not staying there expecting others to get me out.

I need to voice opinions and find the answers. Live life through my lens.

I don’t need to be perfect.

I need to face feelings head-on. The good, the bad and the ugly. That’s how I’ll get out of the dips. All of them. Even the hard ones.

Everywhere, with everyone, lessons can be learnt. I need to teach myself. I don’t have to understand.

I’m not to give away my power!

I don’t have to choose sides. I can be selfish and selfless. I can be brave and afraid. I can be badass and super sensitive.

The judgements have got to stop. Those on others and on myself. People judge on me too.  Tocix is no good in life. Let the judgement go.

Embrace curiosity to lead to kindness. Amit my mistakes, no matter how hard. Speak up when my mind changes. Set boundaries for myself and others.

It can be ok to depend on others. It can be worth it to build a healthy relationship. They take time. Work on it!

I don’t need to understand. Everything doesn’t need to have a rational explanation.

I know how to come back to myself. I write to know how to begin again.

Enough is for everyone.

Everything matters; whether money, opinions, purpose, creativity.

Refused to allow others to be mistreated.

How we live out lives is how we care for the world.

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