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Michael McIntyre Tour

We got to spend time with my dad. My step-mum was at work so we, unfortunately, were unable to see her as we needed to leave. We kept my dad company, had a catch-up and we were able to use the kitchen facilities too.

It is hard and expensive to eat healthy during a time with no kitchen.

We would have stayed to say hi and catch up with my step-mum but we had tickets to see Michael McIntyre. I didn’t grow up with comedy around me. In recent years, more so with Dave, I have experienced comedians on the telly.

Michael has been one I quite liked. I’m so glad we went. I laughed so hard I cried. Time flew past. I didn’t want it to end.


I love having these experiences.

Michael McIntyre tonight, Demi Lovato last week, and Steps next week. I love spending time with friends and family. I’d much love to see things then buy something that’s gonna get dusty.

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