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Feelings of Irritation

I’ve had times of irritation. Waking up to others in the house singing before my alarm was supposed to go off.

This is a small thing. It’s not life or death. But it’s not my house. I’m living with other peoples rules and pettiness. All because we live out lives differently.

Even with that being the case; its family. Still gotta love them. We’d be homeless without them.

Having these moments really make me want to have the keys in my hand and be in our own place.

Even with the irritation, it’s been a relaxing day. We’ve had an evening out with friends to celebrate Dave’s birthday. It was a nice catch-up with them all. Always nice to spend time with friends.

I just need to work on my irritation feelings with the home life just for a bit longer.

Watched: The Imitation Game > 4 out of 5

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