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No Telly Tuesdays

One of my goals on my list is to have No Telly Days. Since starting with the goal, I have had no telly days, but I haven’t really got any steps to move towards this goal properly.

I feel instead of a cross-off-able goal, this should be an ongoing/for life goal to have as part of who I am. But I feel I need a bit more to it to have it be a more credible goal.

What I think will help is to select one day each week where I don’t watch telly. I’m drawn to a Tuesday, as I’m writing this. On my goal page, I am going to have a section of ongoing/life goals that I want to be intertwined with my values.

No Telly Tuesdays is going to be one of them.

Seeing as I’m a community care worker, I can’t tell a customer to turn the telly off if that’s what they want to do. As it is them watching the telly and picking the shows etc, I’m going to have an exception to the rule.

No Telly Tuesdays – doesn’t count if I’m in a customer home.

I’ve told Dave about my decision. He felt a little happier about it when I replied to his question that he is allowed to watch telly on a Tuesday if he wishes. I’ll either be not at home or I’ll be in another room.

I’m not going to force him to stop something just cause I am. As of today No Telly Tuesday is gonna come into effect.

Do you have days without watching telly?

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