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Let the Positive Thoughts Flow

My little niece turned one today. I can’t believe it been a full year already. Time certainly does fly.

Life played by itself through today.

I have been working on my positive thoughts. Negative ones did spiral their way in but I’ve been pushing them to one side. Making the positive ones flow.

So far from The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, the thoughts we have are what makes us. The Law of Attraction and Like Attracts Like. So thinking positively to help bring the positive to me.

Ridding the negative to prevent the negative events happening to me. It doesn’t matter the area of life, it’ll come to whichever area that is being focused on. It’ll come no matter the why just as long as positive thoughts are thrown into the Universe.

1 thought on “Let the Positive Thoughts Flow”

  1. I haven’t read The Secret yet – it’s on my radar – kind of.
    I totally agree with surrounding myself with a good environment to provide a steady flow of positive chi (Qi) – I think I’m using that term correctly. – in my life. I pretty much note what people, places, things, activities etc make me happy and work to make sure they are part of my daily experiences. It does take time and effort to make this change. Life.
    In order to make room for the good I have get rid of what doesn’t work.
    It includes avoiding people that drag me down with their constant daily whining. Recent changes at work has separated me from someone who fits that category and it has made a huge difference in my day.
    I’ve been “curating” my home, car, purse, work desk, and every place I have control over. I’m still in the early stages but it’s also making a big difference in my mood.
    Glad to hear you are making progress in your life choices 🙂

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