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Away from the Telly

The feeling good feeling has continued into today. I’ve had moments where my mind has gone on a tangent but I’ve been able to bring it back to the present.

Once up and ready, Dave and I went into town. We did some shopping, had lunch and visited The Hepworth Gallery. This trip was our third to the gallery this year. Now we’ve seen the main showings twice.

We’re now going over to see the limited time exhibitions. This time there were 2 artists works, not just the one there normally is. Both different but compliment each other. Now the next time we go will be past October. We may get another visit before the year is out.

As its No Telly Tuesday, without realising at first what Dave was doing, he was supporting me with this without me reminding him of such. It made me appreciate him.

We played my new game; Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Deck-Building game. Yesterday the villains won in year 5, we decided to start again with year 5. This time we won 5 and 6 but paused during year 7.

We did have breaks again, we took the dogs to the vets and then on a walk, got over 10,000 steps. We had dinner and had a mini catch up with my dad.

I also rung the estate agents for an update; all the paperwork is now with our solicitor, the searches can now be done. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer.

I finished reading The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. Well, I am getting that book. I felt joyful reading through. It’s helped me to be happy, changing my mind set by understand the secret. I like that when reading, it can be picked up, start from the beginning or choose a section. I can feel and understand why it has helped so many people around the world.

I created, well I went onto Moonpig and personalised a ‘be my bridesmaids’ card for E. I wanted to do something a bit more special then just sending a text message. I feel she’ll say yes.

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