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Wedding Venue Official

I’ve had confirmation the ‘be my bridesmaid’ card is on its way. Which falls nicely with putting the monies down for our venue deposit. It is now official. We’re getting married at The Holmefield Arms.

I got results from my blood test regarding the coeliac test; it has come back negative. So we can assume my stomach issues are to do with IBS. I’ll have to look into it more at some point.

We are expecting some documents from our solicitors. Hopefully tomorrow these will come.

Our day was quiet in us doing things. We watched 3 films, 2 of which are now going to charity. We had a walk into town to get fresh air and so some daily movement. We also continued with the card game. Unfortunately, the villains won year 7, at times I wasn’t fully paying attention to the game.

My attention was on Groupon. I bought some stainless steel straws, with the plastic ones being harmful to the environment and the paper ones getting paper in my mouth, I thought I’d give them a go. I also brought paintbrushes; seeing as we’re buying a house I think they’ll get used.

Watched: 300 > 3 out of 5

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