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Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport + No Social Media: 8 Months

I’ve just put down the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. I say put it down but I’ve not read it all. I found the book too much research for me.

I believe deep work should be utilised more in professional and even in our personal lives. Just think of all the things we could do in the world if we had periods of deep work scheduled within our days.

I started off being able to read the book as normal. However, once I got to chapter 3 of part 1, I started skipping bits. I read the main points and parts that stood out for me. The quit social media rule certainly did.

For me, who has quit social media, had a bit more of a connection with personal stories. Then the research took over for my liking.

I made the decision to deactivate my social media and also resigned from being a social media volunteer at the animal charity I volunteer at still on 1st November 2017. 8 months free of social media, I do feel more freedom. I’m talking to and seeing friends and family more.

The bad news, the comparisons and my mental health have stopped/improved because of taking this step away. I feel at times, that I should go back, maybe do things differently but then I think that’ll be more trouble than its worth. The people I want, and those who want, to be in my life are around me.

I’m living my life my way and not comparing. stressing or believing I’m behind in life or doing the wrong things. I stay in my comfort zone. There are times I want to stretch out and do things I want to or scare me. There are times that writing and publishing posts are getting out of my comfort zone.

Before I had the belief and negative thoughts that I couldn’t do any of this because of judgements and words of other people, especially those I grew up with and don’t even talk to any more.

I use my blog as my online platform. There are times when I want to be more within the community, other days just happy posting and that’s it.

There were a couple months at the start of 2018 I did set up a new Facebook account so I could be apart of the FB lives for my UCP course. Even that didn’t last for me. I deactivated that too. All the lives were recorded and placed on my portal. I did some comments etc but it wasn’t resonating with me.

I went back to Facebook for that because I thought I should do. I didn’t need to. I feel that I’d be happy not to be on social media now for the rest of my life. If that’s the case, we’ll see what the future holds.

But for now, I’m happy without social media. I’m happy saying no to going back on. I wouldn’t do it if a job entailed it. I clearly wouldn’t be doing the right job for me.

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