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Unexpected New Car

I was gonna be getting a new car this year. That changed when I fell in love with the house we’re buying. My mum was going to buy me one but to be able to have the house I had a choice; a new car or the money that would have paid for the car to be used to fix up the house.

My car is still usable, it gets me to where I need to be. It will last a few more years until I can buy my dream car. The house and the wedding are to be paid for first.

There has been talk of my mum getting a new car, on and off now for a few years. My mym brought it up again this morning, asking if I’d want hers or keep mind. Have hers was my answer.

What I wasn’t expecting was a phone call asking what I was doing tomorrow. Now I’m taking in my car to be part exchanged for her new one. Car sorting day tomorrow is now on my agenda.

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