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Fierce Self-Love: Part 3

I believe that by truly loving myself, it’ll cause me less mental health troubles. I would be loving myself for who I am. Not worrying about others and what they think. Stepping myself back through their judgements and my mind reading them.

I would love my body. Wearing what I want to wear and what I’m confident in regardless of what others think. I would do the things that I love and want to do regardless of my surroundings, money and again other peoples opinions.

Other peoples opinions and please pleasing has been a theme for me. It has improved a lot. I’m taking steps towards doing what I want to do and living the life I want.

The hard things for me are to get the balance and at times saying no. It becomes harder when I say no and need to have an excuse for people as to why I’ve said no. It isn’t the right, acceptable answer for them.

This is something I need to continue to work on. Getting to the point where I love myself unconditionally and apply self-love without it being a second thought is where I’d love to be.

Today’s reflection:


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