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All Good Fun

It’s been an easy going day. Being my dads birthday; Happy Birthday Dad. We went over this evening and had dinner, spending some time with him and my step mum.

During the day I spent some time looking at wedding planning. I did 2 rounds of the guest list and I got my 3rd version of the seating plan. We’ve 21 months to go, this could all change.

My mums going to help me do our cake. That’s a big cost there down. Daves dad said he would do the save the dates and invitations. I was going to ask if he would be able to do the place cards too. That way we can have the same design all the way through.

I may also ask about the table numbers and seating plan cards. There are a few things I haven’t looked at yet. Will have to see about them and the price ranges we’re to accept.

I feel that if I had the funds right now, it would have been all booked. We’re saving and the rest may have to be pay to paycheck. All good fun.

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