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Connect with Myself: Part 2

With a click of my fingers;

I have a job that treats me with respect, gives me breaks and I’m able to make homecooked meals each day.

I live in the home of my dreams, with my husband and two pooches.

I help others but also ensure I do the inner work I need to do and provide myself with self-care.

It would be nice if all that happened with a click of my fingers. I know I’ve got to put the work in to do this; to have my life be like that. I’m gonna need to complete steps to move forward.

First thing is I feel I need to change my availability form to allow myself to have a proper break in my long days. Rather than leaving the house at 6:40am and getting home at 9:30pm. More so when I don’t get paid for being out all that time.

Secondly, I am gonna show my face at the estate agents and get them to chase the vendor and his solicitors to move things along. the 4-6 weeks we were originally told is now coming to 11 weeks. All I’ve been doing is waiting.

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