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Telly Emotions

I can be emotionally invested in a program. Maybe that’s why I’m addicted. I can express my emotions more through the characters. I know I’m comfortable around Dave as I don’t try hiding these telly emotions from him.

Even my mum saw me the other day with tears streaming down my face. If it was, what even last year, I would have tried to hide these years from anyone.

I remember watching telly with my mum growing up. Long Lost Family for example, gets me very emotional. But I was fighting back the tears. Why? Fear. Embarrassment. Allowing myself to show my emotions real or telly related is apart of me. I shouldn’t be fearful or embarrassed by them. I need to embrace them.

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BSL Video Series: Numbers

How many numbers are there? Some may say that numbers go up to infinity. But how many numbers do we use in day to day life? Maybe more then we realise.

While learning numbers in my Introductory BSL course I learnt numbers 1-100. I have 4 videos below. Each showing the different number signs. Breaking learning into manageable chunks.

This first video is the number sign itself:

Next up is the numbers 1-10. There are 3 systems of signing in regards to the numbers 6-10. These systems are variations of signs that have evolved in different parts of the world. I have learnt system 1 during this course. Although, it is good to be aware of each system.

As with numbers 6-10, numbers 11-20 also have 3 systems types for the signs in different parts of the country. Again, I’ve learnt system 1, shown in my video.

The next video is showing the numbers going up in 10s. From the above videos of 1-20, it’s easy to learn the numbers in between. For example, 27 is signing the number 2 and 7.

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