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2 Days to go until Keys

Finally, we were able to hand something into the solicitors regarding the closure of the help to buy ISA. Hopefully, it’s the correct thing.

We then spent nearly two and half hours at college for Dave to enrol for his maths. If I haven’t said before, you may have guessed for the enrol, Dave unfortunately didn’t pass the exams this time round. He did do better then when he was at school. Onwards and upwards.

Once we finally got home, we sat down for a family dinner and a relaxing evening. I picked up some books from the library. So far The Marble Collector by Cecilia Ahern is an alright read.

I’ve now got two days off in a row. I want to be productive and not be watching telly all day. Then 2 days until keys!! Don’t think I’ll have problems being productive then and watching too much telly.

Watched: The Last Sharknado: it’s about time > 1/2 out of 5

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