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August 2018 Been and Gone

I realised it’s the start of a new month and I haven’t done a review of August. It was 1st September when I wrote this in my journal. I haven’t words for August. It’s been and gone.

We got the keys to out own home on the last day. A goal achieved. I can cross that off. I want to see a new one – to have a Christmas dinner at ours in 2019. Allowing us to do the work and settle in.

We have the keys but we’re not there. We don’t have a kitchen to start. Dave and I went up this morning to sort the utilities with the company. With the odd removal of things on the walls. We also met one set of neighbours, they were really nice and I feel we’ll bet on well with them. The lady wants to take down our ivy. I gave her permission. My father in law may have a helper.

I was able to get my new glasses a week early. My left eye is slightly worse. I have dry eyes where I need to add drops into them. Otherwise my eyes are healthy.

My step dad and I went back to the house this afternoon. We had post from the solicitors. We’ve also received out help to buy bonus too. My step dad showed me the cellar. It had 3 inches of water in. We were able to get the pump there to work getting rid of some of it. We need a automatic pump in a sump done. It smells and had loads of things dumped down there.

A skip is due on Friday. My step dad also started ripping the kitchen shelving. He was trying to find the stop tap. We failed this time. It’s all coming out on Monday.

My mum has found some gas workers and an electrician so ringing them is the plan for tomorrow. Get some quotes.

I’m on my own this evening. Got the whole bed to myself. Dave is off round to D&B then staying at his parents. I’m up early for work. A busy day, not just working, we have a 1st birthday party and a family meal to attend.

I’ve been given an easier week in my rota this next week. So hopefully will be able to spend some time at the house. It feels good to be saying that.

Finished reading: The Marble Collection by Cecelia Ahern.

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