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The House Work Has Started

We spent a good 6 hours at the house. Mum and I were concentrating on getting the wallpaper off in the hallway. The kitchen was the focus for my step-dad and Dave. They have got it to the bare brick. There are popes sitting there doing nothing, or piped up so that water is unable to be stopped with a stop tap.

Good job they’re all coming out and starting again. Same with the electrics. When ripping the kitchen out, my step-dad found that 3 outlets in the kitchen were wired so that they were power was coming out of a socket in the living room! No surprise when the electrician came out to quote extra sockets, that it needed a full rewire. They’re all about 50 years old.

But as we are already going back to bare brick with no one living in it yet, the quote was £2000-£2500 for the whole job. We’ve another coming in 2 days times. Which we said to the current one as well. After he’d been and gone a bit quoted £2000 on the dot.

Tomorrow there’s someone coming to quote for the cellar work. He is also a gas man so is gonna quote for that work too. Then another gas man is coming at the weekend to quote. The skip has been ordered. A trip to the bank is needed.

My parents met Dave’s; it went well. Dave’s parents stayed for under 2 hours. Dave’s mum joined us helping with the wallpaper. Tomorrow we are unable to do anything with the house. Back at it the day after.



On the wedding front, the centrepieces have arrived. I hope to collect these tomorrow. This evening was topped off with a meal at D&B house. It was lovely. B made lasagne and it was gorgeous.

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