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My Life Is Changing – I Give a F**k About Bins!

Happy Birthday to my step-dad! No work on the house today. Unfortunately, the cellar and gas man cancelled, so we don’t have a quote for that work. I did, however, go over to the house. It was bin day, so I wanted to go put them away.

Apart of me felt like someone had been in the house. I may just be paranoid but a gold sticker, I had no knowledge of or had any reason to be there suddenly was. I could be paranoid.

To save money on new doors and windows I’ve requested new locks/handles to be put in. This should take the paranoia away. If not, we have a ghost.

We’ve heard from our mortgage. We know when payments are starting. I like that they give us a full month before payments come out. I contacted them for some general enquires, the guy on the phone was very helpful. I also contacted the water company and got our account set up. Two fewer things to think about.

With the home and life insurance sorted too, we’ve still got all the other bills to sort out. I’ve made the 1st purchase of home items since we got the keys. I like the fact my priority is the numbers for the bins. I do give a fuck about getting my bins back. Currently, I have no idea why but we have two household bins. I believe one is for next door. When the bins are emptied, I’ll give them one.

Dave, unfortunately, got a call today to say that his college class has been cancelled. It might be that his maths will be on hold for another year. He needs to contact the college to double check, but if they’re the same as enrollment, he can’t attend due to them being when he’s at work.

The brighter side of things, he still has to get up early to help my step-dad and mum with the house. I’ll join in the afternoon once I’ve finished work.

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