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A Fear Of Missing Out Feeling

I had that fear of missing out feeling when I was working this morning. With my parents and Dave being in the house. Dave brought the kitchen ceiling down. It made everyone black with muck. My Grandma was asking if they were trying out as chimney sweeps.

My step-dad took out all but the toilet in the bathroom and all radiators. My mum was near the end of finishing stripping the wallpaper in the hallway. Also, my step-dad found the entry point to the water to our house so the stop tap could be added. It wasn’t the one found the other day. That’s our neighbours one!

It just happens to be in our house. So ours must be coming in through our other neighbours. Strange way of building.

When I was able to join everyone I helped finished off the hallway and we did our bedroom too. My step-dad started the removing the pipes so they can be replaced. When coming to lift up the second bedroom carpet he found he was unable to. Previous owners had built the wall on top of the carpet!

Luckily that particular wall is one that we wanted to knock down. It was just sooner than expected. The cellar guy came today and so did the second electrician. We’re waiting for their quotes, then we’ll decide. I need to talk to mum tomorrow, I was unable to tonight as I went out with Dave’s parents to the theatre.

It was lovely. It was the youth group production of Les Mes. It brought a tear to my eye. Once I got back everyone was in bed. Guess it’s my turn now.

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