Family, Life

A Goodbye

Today was a wake up to go to Malcolm’s funeral. My great uncle. Seeing him in hospital bed throughout the year. It’s sad to say goodbye but he’s in a better place. Pain free.

After the service and wake. I dealt with the debt from the gas meter that was left from the previous owners. Thankfully after so much too-ing and fro-ing we got there in the end.

I was pottering around. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So my mum told me to get my coat, we’re off shopping. I ended up with a microwavable heated bear, as a treat.

I spent quite a bit on lighting for the house. The house lights still not covered. Once home, dinner made and eaten, I decided to chill with some telly.

My step-dad came up to talk to me about radiators. We need all new and then money was spent. We may not have all the lights for the house but least we’ll have heat for the winter. Well we will once all the pipes go back into the house.

The skip is arriving tomorrow. It’s a good job seeing we have 3 rooms with things to go into it.

I’m working in the morning. But I’ll be able to join in for the afternoon. See how far my mum gets, to help her along. Maybe this weekend we’ll get everything stripped wallpaper wise. See how far we get.

Everyone is asleep before me again this evening. Let’s see if I get a full through the night sleep.

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