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Not Want we Wanted to Find

Happy Birthday Grandma. I don’t think my grandma was expecting us to sing her happy birthday when she got out of bed this morning. It was good to see the smile on her face.

It was radiator delivery day, plus one for collection. The only thing that wasn’t delivered were the values. I’ll have to speak to my step dad about this tomorrow.

Over at the house, my mum and I started stripping the wallpaper in the living room. We got 2 full walls done and most of a 3rd. My step dad finished the new piping for the central heating/radiators. He started to take plaster, hardboard and wooden slates off some of the internal walls.

There was one wall he had to stop and move on from as he suspected it to be asbestos. Just what we needed. Being a Saturday the asbestos related businesses were closed. There happens to be an office where we live so I’ve sent them an email.

Hearing this did put a damper on my mood but luckily I had plans to meet a friend for dinner. Pizza Hut it is. Shame they didn’t have the pudding I wanted. So I bought some from the supermarket.

I also bought a wedding magazine. It’s given me some ideas. It even came with a honeymoon guide.

Buying a house and starting from scratch does cost money. I don’t think I’ve spent this much in one go, on one thing. I’m surprised the bank hasn’t stopped my card.

Right, I better get some sleep. Back at the house tomorrow.

Ooo, I sent off two applications today. I haven’t heard from the other 3 I’d sent out. See if I do from either of these ones. Fingers crossed.

Ooo, number 2. Since getting the keys, I’ve had more none telly days!

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