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No Rest in Order to Get House Ready

I was back at the house today by 11am. The skip due to arrive around 12. My dad rung me this morning to see if we were free. Him and my step mum wanted to come see the house.

When I got to the house I started ringing around asbestos companies for quotes. I couldn’t wait for the one I sent an enquiry too. Although I did ring them today for a quote. In the end I went with a different company who came out this afternoon to look and take the sample. We should get the results tomorrow.

My dad and step mum came to look around. They said we’ve done well to get the house we have. It’s good to have their approval. Although this shouldn’t matter to me. With my dad it does. This is something I shouldn’t give a fuck about: other people’s approval.

When I was doing the work on the house. I was stripping wallpaper in the kitchen. It took me all the hours I was there to do one wall. That I didn’t even finish. Guess I’m slow on my own.

The skip cane, we waited until my step dad arrived to fill it. It took us an hour and a half. And the in-laws came to help too. We were right. We need another skip. We were able to clear some of the living room and the garden. Skip company getting rung again in the morning.

Dave was able to get some more of the internal walls down too. We’ve been having a debate on how/when we’re going to get 50 plasterboards in the house by the weekend. As they are heavy, the time me and B are at the house wouldn’t be good as it’ll be hard for us to carry them. Other times for delivery wasn’t good for the guys to all be there. As Saturday delivery isn’t an option we’ve had a go with click and collect, let’s hire your van option.

I’m sure I can put a shout out with our friends to help carry them in the house. There’s certainly things I never thought I’d think about when buying and owning a house. Being first time buyers is this normal? It makes you think and slow down and prioritise.

The pop up photo booth for our wedding arrived today. It does niggle at me that I keep putting off looking for a photographer. Looking at things £1000 seems to be the minimum. Anyone know of any good photographers in Yorkshire at a reasonable price?

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