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Getting Overwhelmed with the House

I feel like I’ve been frustrated. That I’ve no control over other people’s responses or the things that are happening in general.

The 1st guy came back to quote the asbestos. He’s telling me it’s a ferment product not insulation board. The second guy said it will be based on the percentage of the testing to whether it’s cerment or insulation board.

As of yet I haven’t received quotes from them. At tea time I received a call from another giving me an estimate over the phone. Without seeing it. So currently that my best starting figure. He said that if the survey says insulation board then it means it’s insulation board. It’s all confusing.

A good point is that we have a call appointment with the photographer I liked tomorrow. This evening is the 1st in a while where we’ve been fed and in PJ’s by 6pm ready to have a relaxing evening.

I’ve needed it but I’m gonna need tomorrow more. I’ve decided not to go do work on the house tomorrow. I need a break from everything. Plus my to do list at my parents has been neglected. I think running out of clean towels is a sign. Washing is a must.

Watched: Final Score > 3.5 out of 5

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