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House: 2 weeks in

After putting my grandma in the bath; don’t worry the carers got her out. I went up to the house. I got the kitchen finished and started again in the 2nd bedroom, taking the wallpaper down. My step-dad and Dave meanwhile were collecting our order from B&Q. I got through one water container with the steamer. As I was working on the top half of the walls my arms where above my head. My neck and arms aches. I couldn’t think about filling the container up to carry on.

I helped my step-dad by taking his mess to the skip. After so many ups and downs on the stairs I was tired out. The dust isn’t helping my chest but boy am I out of fitness. There is currently a trial through the O2 app with nutrihealth. I’ve signed up to see if the different styles of work outs will help me stick with fitness.

My step-dad made a start on adding a door for the main bedroom by making a gap and putting the lindle in. Then the stood wall for the 3rd bedroom came down. We’re filling up the 3rd skip a little slower this time. It’s been 2 weeks since we got the keys. I’m impressed of how much we’ve got done. If it wasn’t for my family we wouldn’t have gotten so far on the budget we have. If it wasn’t for them I don’t think we’d have got the house.

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