Goals, Life

Ticks on a to-do list

We now have a main bedroom door. No more walking through bedroom 2 to get to it. Originally, there was a partition wall but 1) it was built on top of the carpet and 2) I wanted it down.

In a week’s time the electrician is starting his work. We’ve still got a bit to do before he comes. It’s gonna be a fun packed few days. Need to get my motivation into gear.

By having no telly Tuesday today, I did get a few things ticked off my to-do list. I’ve paid an invoice, wrote a reply to my best friends from the birthday card she sent from July. I did an upper body workout for the 1st time, well probably this year. I so found my oldest fluff ball needs to see the vet for her teeth. That was a shock when I opened her month.

I also applied for a job. The hunt still continues. I’ve only been looking a couple of weeks. I’ll find one soon. I do have a job so it’s not like I have to be in a rush.

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