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Going to Christmas Live Again :)

B & I are going to Meadowhall Christmas Live again this year. We loved it last year. It was our first time then. I love listening to Capital FM. Getting a chance to go again, it was meant to be. It will be my day off.

I finally completed the last tax year for my mileage evidence too. It’s been a good day.

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Procrastinating How I’m Feeling With Crappy Horror Films

The electrician has been to finish the last plug socket. I’ve booked our smart meter installation. Is it sad I’ve got excited about having a smart meter?

I don’t have much to say about how it feel this evening. I’m feeling too tired to do so. To think and deal. I think that’s why we like watching crappy horror films.

Watched: Freddie Vs Jason > 1/2 out of 5

Hush > 1 1/2 out of 5


‘I had happy tears’

I’ve been offered a position! I was so happy with I saw the congratulations that I had happy tears. Those around me that know are happy too. I’m sure my current employer won’t be though. I know I’m one of three that have been offered jobs elsewhere. J get my official offer letter next week. I’ve to keep my eyes out for this. Once things get moving I’ll send over my resignation letter to my current employer. Good changes ahead.

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‘I feel I don’t trust myself’

I really want the job I went for the other day. A part of me really does hope it’s a yes. Hearing a no, is something I’m not prepared for. The more I hear or not hear from my current job is more time I’m feeling and thinking I wanna curl up in bed and not get up.

Even though that’s how I feel, I couldn’t do that to my customers. Even when I’ve felt ill, I’ve got to the point my mum or the doctor has told me to call in sick. Except once I made the decision to call in sick, as I was the next day I felt completely better.

I guess I feel I don’t trust myself to some extent. Making the wrong decisions, not being in control of the things happening in my life. I definitely have let go of some of the control issues I had but most still are a weight on my shoulder.

Watching: The Mountain Between Us > 3.5 out of 5

The Perfect Storm (2000) > 3 out of 5


Guilty Feeling

Seeing as I have a long week of work ahead starting this evening, I decided to relax and watch telly. I was writing the above when Alfie came for a cuddle. I spent a good 20 minutes with him. I felt this was a way of life talking to me. Cuddling a dog does calm me down like a meditation.

When I was watching telly earlier I felt guilty that I should do something else. I didn’t listen then. I carried on. I had a gab between a could of calls at work, so I decided to spent time with my grandparents. Instead of wasting my time and money and most likely watch telly.

I had a lovely catch up, dinner and telly watching with them instead. My grandma gave me some used stamps. I will add them to the collection. With the help of one of my mum’s colleague’s, I’ve collected by enough to fill 2x A5 envelopes and still have more left over for another time. When the post office is next open I am sending those to MS society and RSPB. Small help but help all the same.

Watching: Along came a spider > 4 out of 5