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Gummy Mouth + OVO

Maya was amazing at the vets. Well apart from the going in. The vet had to carry her into the back. Her bum and feet were glued to the ground. Alfie wasn’t a happy pup. He was lost today. He was very down and not himself. We usually call him a kangaroo. He went everywhere with my mum.┬áReunited they were this afternoon, both back to their normal selves.

B and I had a couple of hours at the house. If it wasn’t for B, we wouldn’t have got so far with taking off the wallpaper. I spent half the time sweeping up. My hair felt like it was cemented together.

This evening my mum and I went to Leeds First Direct Arena for the first time. We saw Cirque du Soleil’s OVO. It was amazing. The trust they have in one another is astonishing. One girl is so flexible, she had her bum on her head, legs and arms in the air, along with her whole body, holding herself up with her teeth.

Now let’s see you do that?!

I know I can’t. It hurts my back just thinking about it. The night was lovely. I would happily go see the show again.