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All because I needed to burp?

I had an initial telephone interview yesterday for a care home. I passed and due to go for an interview next week. But I’m not sure an care home is for me. I have an interview assessment for the hospital trust. That is the one I hope to get.

When I got to the words ‘but I’m’ above, I had to pause writing. I was laying on my front, more towards my left side when sharp pains started. I couldn’t move without my side hurting. They were all under my left side rib cage. Any movement of deep breathing caused it to hurt more. I’ve had pains like this before but not as long or intense. Plus I’ve been in a sitting position.

After what felt like a minute or two, I was able to move onto my back using my right arm to push me over. I was shaking and clammy by this point. This pain felt like it was going away while I was still. But still movement of deep breathing the pain build in intensity.

Dave was unable to help me up with the pain getting this way and my head was near the edge of the bed. I asked him to get my mum. She’s also experienced pains like this. She was able to use my lower body to move me so I wasn’t going to fall off the bed.

I tried to steady my breathing, without breathing deeply. Slowly it was fading away. With my mum’s help I sat up, burped and the pain went away.

I then sat there, laughing and crying together. One mini burp. It wouldn’t have won any competitions. That burp helped to relieve the worse pain I’ve ever felt so far in my life. I say that cause I can only imagine that there are other pains, like child birth, would be a hell of a lot worse.

Now I’m pain free but sweaty. I hope the pain never happens again. It’s not the nicest thing to experience. After all that I think I’m gonna get ready for bed. Goodnight, journal.

Watched: Wonder > 4.5 out of 5

The Cabin in the Woods > 1 out of 5

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