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Do you take time to listen to life?

I can’t get yesterday’s assessment centre interview out of my head. I woke at 5 this morning and it was replying in my head. My mind keeps going back to it. Because of this it makes me doubt myself on how I did. I’ve to wait till next week to see if I have a job or not. It’s this one I really want.

While I was at the animal shelter this morning, getting my helping animals fix, I had a call from the Bupa recruitment confirming my interview time and date for next week. An hour later it was cancelled as the positions had been filled. That wasn’t meant to be. I do hope yesterday’s was meant to be.

I found myself to be more accepting with life, including the 5 am wake up. This mindset is one I need to have more of. Hopefully this will allow me to listen fully to when life is trying to give me messages. Maybe I’ll hear something life changing. Do you take time to listen to life? What’s life told you?

Watched: Death Note > 2.5 out of 5

Bladerunner (1982) > 1.5 out of 5