Life, Mental Health, Writing

‘I feel I don’t trust myself’

I really want the job I went for the other day. A part of me really does hope it’s a yes. Hearing a no, is something I’m not prepared for. The more I hear or not hear from my current job is more time I’m feeling and thinking I wanna curl up in bed and not get up.

Even though that’s how I feel, I couldn’t do that to my customers. Even when I’ve felt ill, I’ve got to the point my mum or the doctor has told me to call in sick. Except once I made the decision to call in sick, as I was the next day I felt completely better.

I guess I feel I don’t trust myself to some extent. Making the wrong decisions, not being in control of the things happening in my life. I definitely have let go of some of the control issues I had but most still are a weight on my shoulder.

Watching: The Mountain Between Us > 3.5 out of 5

The Perfect Storm (2000) > 3 out of 5

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