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‘Bringing the Happy Memories Back’

This weekend I honoured a value of mine; family. My parents went away for the weekend. The first trip they’ve been able to go in this year, without the weather or death preventing them.

They went but mum said she’d be back to sit with grandma like normal today. I told her no. I would do that then they could do as they wished rather then having to be back. My parents had a lovely weekend away and I got to spent time with my grandparents.

It’s hard being with someone who has dementia. I feel it takes up till when it’s effecting someone you love. My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago.

It’s hard to see her sometimes, more so for the memories that she believes are the present. It’s great when it’s good ones. Like today when putting a Jim Reeves CD on and she’s saying she embarrasses my grandad for singing at him.

But there are time memories make her cry. Believing her sister died, when in fact it was 15 years earlier. Seeing her relive the pain over is heartbreaking. It’s nice and great to cherish her singing with a smile on her face bringing the happy memories back.

Watched: Friday the 13th part 2 and 3 > both 1 out of 5