‘Self-care doesn’t come easy’

Taking care of myself doesn’t come second nature to me. Sleep does take a priority but other then that my self care and love don’t always get seen or heard. To be fair I do rest. But I’m not planning it it comes to happen as I over do things and my mental state overloads.

As I’m not looking after myself 100% I’m causing myself not to feel good making me need rest. Not because of choice but necessity. I’ve felt this way today. Feeling like I’m coming down with something. Testing but giving myself a full schedule. The house needs to take centre stage over the next week. Still got a way to go before the plasterer can start. He’s coming in 6 days. Not one room is ready for him to start.

My and my step dad went to collect items plus order a load more that are getting delivered in 2 days. I need to get a tower for the stairs to allow me to remove the paper from the hallway ceiling.

While I was writing this in my journal all I could think about was that I need to throw away this pen. Tomorrow I’ll start a new.

Watched: Friday the 13th part 4 > 1 out of 5

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