All before a party

I was that emotional from watching the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 11 that writing slipped my mind. I’m not unable to watch the rest as it’s getting removed from Now TV. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for it showing it again.

I was up early this morning to be at the house for the delivery that didn’t come on Wednesday. I arrived at 7am, in the dark, cold house, laying down on plasterboards for a couple hours before I decided to do something. I hoped it would come when my step-dad was there, saving me trying to carry 40x 25kg bags into the house. The utility people were also due today to install the smart meter. This evening we’re off to a Halloween party.

The delivery came around 11am, thankfully my step-dad arrived at the same time to carry the bags in. We then set to putting the kitchen ceiling up. Marjory of it is sorted. Unable to complete as we need the bathroom pipes finishing. That is a job for tomorrow. The utility people came. We now have a smart meter. They were very helpful. One even helped me with holding the boards up with brushes when he was able. We then decided to call it a day. The ceiling boards were too heavy for me, so good knows what my step-dad is feeling. We’ve still another ceiling to do.

We’ve the plasterer coming in 2 days to relook before starting doing his work. Then the painting can be started. I’ll be more in my element from then. I’m now just waiting for David to get ready then we’re getting ourselves set for tonight’s party.

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