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Lack of Communication is an Issue for me

I believe I have not much to say on days I’ve been working because all it makes me do is moan. This is brought about by an emotion that is bubbling down inside me. I’ve come to the decision I need to moan in my writing to a degree to help me understand the reasons behind the emotion.

The lack of communication is one thing that gets to me when I’m working. Things change and we don’t get told until we find ourselves already faced with the problem they should have informed us on. Surely that comes under safeguarding for our customers as well as ourselves.

I’m not the only one that’s unhappy with how the system is changing. There’s less communication now then there was with the last management. The good news from today is that I did my ID check with my new employer. I’ve been given an idea of when I’ll be starting my new job. Two months time but it’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

I also did my DBS application for them too. Waiting for the next few weeks for that to come through. I’ll have to remember to add it to my to-do-list regarding the update service.

I also have to do something regarding wage slips with my current job. Again, something I didn’t know was happening until an outsider email told me to register. I had to email to confirm it was actually them. Lack of time was the reason apparently. Which boils down to the lack of communication again.

My eyes are feeling the strain, eyedrops and bed for me.

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