My Favourite Purple Dragon

The highlight of my day: finding out Spyro is coming back. I have pre-ordered the game. Better yet I didn’t have to pay a penny, thanks to my friend who gave me vouchers for my birthday present back in July. I was saving the vouchers for the house. Right now, this was more important. Getting apart of my childhood back.

I’m not one for playing games. I had a PS2 when I was a kid. I had dance games, the easy things. I completed only one game ever; happy feet, within 3 hours.

Growing up in to my teens I had the Wii even then Mario Kart and other none violent games were played. None could keep my attention. I’ve tried since with Dave’s console. Paying for a game I was interested in; Indiana Jones Lego. All thanks to my Nintendo DS. Professor Layton was another. Again, when I got stuck I gave up.

But despite that I loved Spyro. I don’t know if that was because my dad introduced me to it or because he’s a purple dragon. Spyro not my dad. How can I not love a purple dragon? I have one on my leg after all; even if it is pink and not purple.

Spyro hasn’t left my memories. Be pops into my head now and again. It would be good to try complete them this time round. I also have a Dave to help me this time.

I suppose when I said journal deeper for a goal, I never thought something like Spyro would bring memories from my past. Good ones as well for that matter. When I usually go into my past, it’s the negative ones that haunt me.

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