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Taking Some Time for Family

I was surprised when I called work to get a couple days off to help my grandparents that it happened. All sorted just like that. That hasn’t happened before.

My grandad needs a pacemaker and be bad his date; in 10 days time. Seeing as my grandad is the sole carer of my grandma he won’t or should I say we won’t let him take full responsibility for my grandma when he’s had his operation.

My step-dad is taking the day off to take my grandad too and from the hospital. My mum has 3 days off that week, I’ve been able to get the other 2. Then I’m on annual leave after a couple days work.

This is gonna be a quiet month work wise which is gonna help break up the time till I start my new job. I’m also slowly getting somewhere with getting the best for my customers. Some times I think the organisation cares about themselves. Small victories; I’ll take.

It’s now 2 days off. The house takes priority.

Watched: The Holiday Calender > 3.5 out of 5

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