‘There’s always something to do’

I believe I get my worries from my grandad. When I was over this morning, he was going on about his anxieties about what’s gonna happen when he has his pacemaker fitted. Worrying about the day, grandma and appointments over the next two weeks. Because my mum and I had planned all the things we thought of yesterday, I hoped this calmed his anxieties.

We spent most of the day at the house. It took us all of that time to board the walls. Hopefully, when we’ve finished tomorrow we’ll be ready for the plasterer. Once home and cleaned up, we went out for a meal; my mum, step-dad and me. It was lovely getting the chance to spend the time together.

It’s amazing I think that once something is finished or checked off, there is always something else to do or just appears. Right time or not its something that needs doing. 

Watched: The Christmas Prince > 3.5 out of 5