‘Grown Out of My Current Job’

I love caring for people. I do like what I do but I feel I now have grown out of the company I started with nearly 2 years ago. It was what I needed. The flexibility, the being out and about, traveling around. Now although flexibility is still good I won’t be earning enough to pay the bills each month and have some form of life.

After I’ve done tomorrow and all goes well with the employment checks, I’ll have done my last weekend this year and this job. They’ll start again next year in the new job but having 2 months of weekends off will be lovely. I have annual leave on my next 2 weekends to work and then I’d like to have handed in my notice.

In the next 6 weeks I’ll be spending some nights at my grandparents to help look after my grandma while my grandad recovers from his pacemaker operation. I’m gonna be tired over the next few weeks. Maybe naps may be a regular occurrence. I just need to make sure I look after myself and spend time with Dave.

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