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Happy 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary to us. 4 years; I cannot believe it. 2 years ago we got engaged and in 18 months we’ll be getting married. It’s been a big year for us. We’ve bought a house that we’re renovating. We’ve booked our wedding; making bigger commitments to one another.

We had a lay in. I temporarily forgot it was Tuesday and finished an episode of telly. Dave told me off and that was all the telly I watched today.

We came home after finishing puppy sitting for the in-laws, able to exchange our presents. Dave got me Noel Fitzpatrick autobiography and the Harry Potter expansion box. I got him the new Game of Thrones book.

We had a trip to the house. Need to ring the skip people as it’s still there. We also need to collect some more plaster for the plasterer. 2 bedrooms are now complete.

I also sorted out my car insurance it was up for renewal and they wanted me to pay an extra 300 a year. Not a chance.

The new job got back to me on yesterday’s replies. I think I’m gonna wait till Friday then hand my notice in. I could also cancel my notice closer to December if necessary.

I’ve spent some of the afternoon on Spyro; sods law it fucked up and lost my saved data. I had to start all over again. I have no idea what happened but anyway I got on with it and gained 16% back.

Now I’ve to finish packing and get to my grandparents, it my turn again to stay over.


Behind Door Number 1

It’s the start of December. In 24 days Christmas is here. The 1st is the start of advent but I haven’t been eating chocolate since the end of January. Which means I haven’t got a chocolate advent this year.

I found a puzzle advent calendar that covers the 12 days of Christmas. As I couldn’t wait to get started my 12 days start today.

Each day there is a mini puzzle behind each door. It’s nice to be able to have a go at doing a puzzle. Living at my parents there isn’t enough room to be doing the 1000 piece ones I love to do.

The puzzle behind door number 1 is:

I think they’re cute. Cannot wait to open door number 2 tomorrow.