Getting Closer to the New Job

I woke feeling sick and with a headache. I slept a little better but it still took me a couple hours to get to sleep. I’ve been a little sorry for myself. More so because I dreamt that my grandma died. It felt so real it was horrible to have done so. I usually just curl up in bed all day. I did do this a bit but I made myself still do some of the jobs I had to do.

We also still went to the cinema. As it turned out it helped me forget for a couple hours which took the sickness away. I’m definitely taking everything hard and stressing over it all.

I have good news that my current employer sent my reference and I’ve a time on Tuesday to go into the new place to give, hopefully the last of my documents.

Not good financially but I’ve more time on my hands next week. I’ve only been given 11 hours work. So it’ll be good in the respect I feel I need a holiday even though I’m on annual leave this week.

Watched: Gladiator > 2 out of 5

Robin Hood (2018) > 4 out of 5


Behind Door Number 2

It may be the 3rd of December but I’m on the 2nd when it comes to my 12 days of Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar. Yesterday was a wonderfully busy day so I didn’t get round to completing the puzzle being door number 2:

As it’s a 12 days of Christmas calender, I’m not rushing to do the next one. All 12 will be done before Christmas starts but the door number won’t be following the day of December.