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Week 1 of HoCo Nearly Complete

I’ve finished week 1 worksheets for HoCo. I wrapped up how I’m feeling for the slices in my life.

My highest score was 7 out of 10. These were for: friendships and significant other.

Next for 6 out of 10 was for my career slice. 5 out of 10 was for my physical space, the pursuit of passion, finances and connect to self. I didn’t have any 4s. 3 out of 10 was for contribution/legacy and wellness. Then 2 out of 10 was for sex life. And 1 out of 10 was for spirituality.

I did have a zero which was for family/parenting. Seeing as we don’t have kids and they aren’t in the cards for 2019 I wrote: “not ready for children right now, maybe once we’re married and settled in our home”.

The last part of week 1 was to choose a photo that best represents 2018. I found this difficult as I don’t take many photos. I decided to choose the finished photo of the dragon tattoo that I had done this year. I choose this because I was feeling great for having had it done; an experience I wanted. But I was sore in that area for having it done. I feel it represents my year because I had some amazing experiences but I have had some periods of being in pain and times of emotion. The unrest and growth in one.

Over this week I am grateful to take my experiences and mental strength into 2019 with me. I am grateful to leave the frustration and anger behind in 2018.

I’ve just finished my ritual challenge, which was published to the blog yesterday, and the declutter challenge left of week 1. O and the last guest interview. I’ve asked my mum about helping me advertise the bike and I have gone through my file box on the first run.

There is 1 month left of 2018. After this week I feel 2018 has served me well even with the downs, it’s made me stronger to bring in the New Year.

Watched: Batman Begins (2012) > 2.5 out of 5

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