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Declutter Challenge 2018

I’m proud of myself for today. I got myself into gear and got shit done. I did my declutter challenge; going into my files and not just into my file to-do box. Got a few things sorted for burning. I also got the missing part for the loft ladder, recycled an old laptop and posting it tomorrow. With all the decluttering I only ended up watching one hour of telly. Later on was off to a friend for the evening.

I’ve done well, my step-dad and I went to see the plasterer too. He’s done everything bar one wall. Then as he isn’t 100% a plasterer in our eyes, he’s saying he’s got to sand the walls down that are dry. He originally said January, I don’t wanna wait an extra 3 weeks. Fingers crossed he sticks with that plan so I can start PVAing the walls next week too. I may get it all painted by the time I start my new job. If that’s the case the cellar ceiling can be put on hold a little longer.