‘Feeling at Ease with my New job’

I’m liking the way my new employer is providing their training. It’s nice to be with a group of people who I could see around while working. We had two more topics taught. I have been able to do the three standards learnt so far on the C C website. I’ve also configured the works email and done the Manual Handling Workbook. Apart from my car permit, I believe I’m up to date with everything so far.

I remembered it was Tuesday today, I haven’t turned on the telly. I finished a magazine, read some more of my library book and been shopping for work clothes and shoes.

I feel at ease with the new job so far. But the past couple of nights sleep hasn’t come easy. It’s taken me a few hours to fall asleep and I’ve woken a couple of hours before I needed to be. Last night tiredness took over and I went to bed early but still took hours to fall asleep. It made me fight the tiredness today but I’m gonna go later to see if that helps me fall asleep at all.

Tomorrow is another day.