‘Jumping to Notifications’

After sending a text to Dave at lunch, I put my phone down and looked around at my fellow colleagues, everyone else was on their phones. The odd conversation was happening but eyes to their phones.

When in the class room, I’ve had my phone on silent, in my bag. Some had theirs on the table, on silent, but every so often might look and reply to whatever they needed to reply too.

While watching the telly this evening, when my phone went off, I jumped on it to reply. Then I kept checking different things to see if there was any change. I realised I need to stop. My old job I have emails galore. I needed to use my phone for work as the care plan was assessed through an app.

I don’t need to do that with my new job. My phone is a lot quieter and my mind’s only processing it now after 2 away. You know what? It’s nice. I still need to stop jumping each time I get a notification or checking my phone for changes. I ended up putting my phone on silent for a couple hours this evening. Maybe I need to take steps away from my phone. Work on that separation anxiety of not responding to things straight away.

The world isn’t gonna collapse just because it’s taken me X about of time to reply to an email, message or a phone call. To work on my face to face conversations to better my communication. It’s not gonna hurt me, it’s just gonna take some time to feel comfortable; talking and spending time away from my phone.

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