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Rome: Day 2

Thankfully not as early a start as yesterday morning but in time for the start of breakfast at the hotel. I’m glad to have a memory foam mattress back home, definitely a luxury compared to the mattress here. Was able to sleep still though. Breakfast was simple; bread, cereals, yoghurts, fruit, cheese and meats available.

A busy day in Rome trying to see as much as we can. First stop was the Colosseum as we had a pre-booked tour. The tour lasted an hour then we had another hour to look around the rest on our own before the second part started. It was nice to have the tour as I don’t think I would have been in there for as long as I would without it. Got my money’s worth out of it.

Next stop on the tour was the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Again I think having the tour guide made it more interesting. I’m better someone telling me what the history is then trying to read it off posters. This I thought was the better part out of the two places. You could spend a few hours at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill as it’s a big place to look around.

Being close by we ended up going back to the Capitaline Museum buildings we saw in the dark last night. The Museum’s were open but we didn’t fancy going in today. Then we saw the il Vittoriano in the day light too, deciding we will have a look around. Most of it was free to do so. There is a museum inside but again choose not to look but what did make it was being able to go to the roof of the il Vittoriano and seeing the views. This did cost 10 euros but was worth going up a lift to see. Usually I don’t do lifts.

We next headed for the Trevi Fountain but got lost. First coming to the L.Go di Torre Argentina ruin.

Thankfully after finding where we were on the map we got to the Trevi Fountain.

We found a cafe here to have a sandwich; Caffe Trevi. I ended up having a cheese and tomato crispy sandwich which pretty much looked like a individual pizza folded in half. After the food it was still only 3:30 pm. We hadn’t really planned what else to do so we went exploring.

Piazza di Pietra; this was just a building side on in this area I liked.

We ended up at the Pantheon, seeing the fountain there and went inside. The place is free to go in but you need to be silent. Having the person say shh down a mic through speakers doesn’t quite sound like shh.

Next we found ourselves at Piazza Navona. Here there was three fountains.

A little further we found another type of fountain at Piazza Chiesa Nuova.

With my legs getting tired we headed back to the hotel. We went back via Foro Tralano so I could take a photo in the day light, after last night’s one.

Before ended back at the hotel we checked the metro station so we had an idea where we needed to be tomorrow and times etc. Good job as the closest one to us was closed so we needed to go a bit further to the main metro station. Didn’t think 1.50 euro was bad for 100 minutes worth journey.

A quick rest and hair washed later it was time to go out to find this evening’s tea. We only went up the road to Doveralu. It was a nice place; tried a strawberry mix mocktail but unfortunately the lemonade took over the taste. There was a little confusion over dessert to try have a none chocolate one then my apple cake came out with chocolate sauce on. The gentleman was very nice and got me a new one without chocolate sauce on. The apple cake was worth it though; helped take the mocktail taste away too.

A busy but lovely day. Will have to see what the tour of the Vatican tomorrow holds.

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