Rome: Day 3

Up and out to the Vatican this morning. The metro underground was busier then I’ve seen the London underground. Termini the main station near us was that busy the queues were off the platform. It took us two trains passing before we got on one. Thankfully, being the time of morning it was, there was one ever 2 minutes. We got to were we needed to be with time to spare; ending up having a drink at a cafe before checking in for our tour of the Vatican City Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica.

The tour went well; only thing for me was the listening device kept going out of range even we next to the tour guide. Even so we spent a good chunk of the day in there with the guide showing us round explaining history to us.

I’ve only selected a few photos to show, I took quite a few. Think there was 18 museums within the Vatican. Photos weren’t allowed on the Sistine Chapel.

At St. Peters Basilica we were able to go underground to see the tombs and then had a chance with a fee to go to the top of the dome to look at the views. To get to the top of the dome there was two choices 8 euros to walk up all 551 steps or 10 euros to use the elevator for the first 200 then walk the rest. I’d advice paying the extra 2 euros. That elevator ride helped. My legs were acting only half way up the 351 steps.

One the way down, I ended up doing all 551 steps. Once we got to the elevator point; just waiting in the toilet queue and then for a sandwich in the cafe my legs were shaking. I decided it was best to keep moving rather then stopping and waiting for the elevator.

We had a walk around St. Peters Square then decided to see what Castel Sant’Angelo was all about. We ended up going at a good time as we were able to get in for free. My legs weren’t happy through as it ment more steps to go up to get to top of this building. Luckily not as many as the dome.

Even with my legs crying out we decided to walk back to the hotel. We walked across the Ponte Sant’Angelo to get on the right side of the Tiber River, then made our way back. We past some of the sights we had seen yesterday. Seeing the Piazza Navona again and going into the Museo di Roma while we were in the area.

Back to getting back to the hotel we past Piazza Della Minerva.

Once back at the hotel I had chance to rest my legs again before we decided to go out to find some dinner. We went to La Cucina Nazionale down the road from our hotel. It had nice food and a lovely atmosphere. Certainly would go again. I’m liking the apple juice here in Italy. It’s dark green in colour, not like what I’ve drank at home.

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