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Rome: Day 4

With our last full day in Rome we decided to explore the neighborhoods to see where it took us. We headed in the direction of Monti, Esquilino, San Giovanni and Celio as we hadn’t been to these areas so far.

I’m taking that some of these areas aren’t as visited much by tourists as some of the places seemed run down compared to the big attraction areas. It didn’t stop us seeing the monuments and parks these areas had to offer.

First up we saw Trofei di Mario and Pizza Vittoria Emanuele II.

Heading over the Esquilino (Esquiline Hill) we found this was closed off, looking in need of some repair. The Parco del College Oppio were open across the road but most of the things to see were behind very high fencing or closed. It looked like some work was taking place on these areas though. The Trajan’s baths on Oppian Hill and Domus Aurea were two of these. There was one statue to see and the Colosseum could be seen too at another angle.

While we were in this area we walked to San Giovanni to see the Obelisk there before heading to Celio.

The Parco del Celio had more to see and looked like it was kept regular. Walking round all that could be heard was the birds but my favourite part was seeing a turtle sunbathing.

He or she looked at me and everything. Leaving the turtle be, the Chiesa di San Gregoria al Celio was around the corner.

Most things were close together within walking distance, if you didn’t want to take the metro. After yesterday morning and the nice weather here it didn’t seem worth taking. Gregoria’s place was just across from Palatine Hill and round the corner from Circo Massimo. Unfortunately it was closed off today but was still able to get a photo and we walked along the area it stood before walking back towards Campitelli.

By this time we got hungry, stopping off at Antico Caffe Castellino we shared a mushroom pizza. It was nice but it doesn’t compare to the memory of a pizza I had on a trip to Italy with school. This is one of the memories I brought back and still remember.

After lunch we set off walking which led back to the Trevi Fountain where we got to sit on the fountain itself and I throw in a coin.

Next we decided to go to Sant’Angelo to see if we can find and explore the Jewish Ghetto. We found Fontana delle Tartarughe:

And the best bit for me is that we found a Harry Potter shop!! We did find the Jewish Ghetto too it was on the next street. Harry Potter shop got my attention though.

Rome has some lovely places to see today but the turtle and Harry Potter shop won for me. Throwing a coin into Trevi Fountain was up there too.

After a pit stop at the hotel, dinner was calling. We went to a restaurant near the Trevi Fountain. It was calls … Trevi but for the life of me cannot remember what the … was. But it was nice food and I tried a dessert that I wasn’t sure what was but tasted like a cheesecake so was a lovely surprise.

It has been a lovely holiday seeing new sites. It’s home day tomorrow. Other then the views from the journey to the airport, that’s as much as Rome we’ll be seeing tomorrow. Until the next holiday.

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