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Q1 Review 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has had its ups and downs. The downs seem to be the way through these days. There have been relationship complications of where I’ve fallen out of love and I’m unsure I want to carry on with the relationship. I’m trying everything I can to see if any feelings will come back. Then there has been the health issues of my grandparents which is ongoing; it isn’t gonna end anytime soon.

When I sat down and reviewed this quarter with The Holiday Council this is what came about:

I’m not being the woman I want to be to the fullest. I’ve been frustrated, trapped and felt I’m not feeling the feelings that I should do.  I haven’t been feeling peaceful or finding pleasure in the things I do. I’ve been bold and open in how I have been feeling especially when it’s potentially changing everything that’s been in the pipeline over the last year.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had ups this quarter. I’ve started a new job, had time spent with my friends. I’ve been to a strongman event and been on holiday to Rome.

Because of the challenges in my relationship; we’ve cancelled the wedding. I’ve learnt I can’t live my life as settling with what I’ve got. I need to be happy with every area.

I’ve honoured my ways of being; bold, evolve and open in parts. With my theme Bloom, I feel I’m at the area on setting my roots before I’m set to Bloom into the open. I haven’t had the feeling of pleasure in my daily life but I’ve felt it in dancing to music and having my nail done.

The two quarter one goals haven’t been accomplished but they are underway. I’ve been able to tick off some of the checklist items over the past few months. The house is getting to the point of being liveable but it’s currently up in the air to whether I will enjoy the space. With inhibiting my body I have found I am comfortable with dancing to music and having my nails done.


I feel for quarter 2 I’m craving myself being happy. To get myself to focus on me and to ensure I’m going down the right path. Due to this, I’ve decided on the following two goals:

  1. Get out of the house
  2. Realign with myself and my space


Both are maintenance goals but with where I am right now in my life, it is something I need to focus on. I’ve put them on my board with some action items to include in my life. I’m also using The Happiness Planner to see if I learn something while completing that too. With me focusing on myself, I hope quarter 2 helps me find the answers I’m looking for.

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