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BSL Video Series: Telling the Time

Whether we’re needing the tell the time or clock watching our way through the day, using numbers to help tell the time can come in useful. If you need to, click here to go back to the number post to refresh your memory on signing numbers.

Like in the last post with signing money, you need to make sure you are using the number signs in the right context to ensure the other person knows your signing the time. In this context, the numbers are signed with a twist of the hand.

Please note: the number 5 is an upright hand and number 10 is a horizontal hand.

Telling the Time

  1. Time
  2. 1-12 o’clock

Time 2

  1. Quarter past 1
  2. Half 2
  3. Quarter to 3
  4. 25 past 5

Question and Answer

  1. Time what? Time what 7 o’clock

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