Try again another day.

I took a trip to the library. Seeing as the weather was nice, I decided to walk up; be my daily movement for the day. Unfortunately, it happened to be closed due to the voting going on. I did drop ‘The Spiritual Laws of Success’ off.

The library isn’t going anywhere. I can try again another day.

My friend with the health complications is no closer to finding any answers. All the tests are coming back normal. I bet that’s hard. When you know something wrong but they are unable to help.

I’ve received my £10 Amazon voucher. I’ve already spent the majority of them but I did buy practical items. A new notebook, an in-car phone holder and a cookbook stand. Hopefully, they’ll be waiting for me when I’m back from Holiday.

As I’ve received my voucher, I have deleted the account I was receiving them from. ‘Spend money to make money’ kind of thing.

One more morning left at work to do!

I’ve got my blood test tomorrow. Plus the house viewings and then going around to the in-laws for dinner.

Hopefully, I won’t be getting annoyed. It’ll be practice for acceptance of what gets said.



Book: The Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepax Chopra

When thinking about my life and how I live it. I made ground rules for myself last year. I’m guilty of not looking at them or being mindful of following them. I’ve never thought of having laws of success.

I’ve finished reading The Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepax Chopra. Even with the title saying laws of success, it like he says, can be the spiritual laws of life. This book is one recommended from my Life Coaching Course. I’d loaned the book and one of his others from the library.

I guessed from it being 24 years old I was judging it by its age and not just its cover. From page 1 though, I was hooked. Even being 24 years old, it still relates to today’s world.

I love that it has commitments of how to follow each law. I got the sense that I could slow down.  Out of all the laws, the last ‘The Law of Dharma or Purpose of Life’ is the one that spoke to me the most. Showing the different internal questions between ego and spirit.

Ego – What’s in it for me?

Spirit – How can I help?

Seeing as I’ve found a purpose of helping people in my life. Seeing this written down made me stop and think. I’ve been running on ego most of my life. That awareness is what could change how I live for the purpose of my life.

What changes could I see? Not just by implementing the last law but all seven. I liked the book that much, I’ve decided to put it on my wish list. I’d love to read it again. I can’t wait to start his next book.

I even checked the library catalogue to see if they have any of his other books. They’ve many more. If it’s nice tomorrow afternoon once I’ve finished work, I may have a trip to the library. I haven’t been in my new local one yet. I can also drop this book back in.

Watched: A View to a Kill > 3.5 out of 5

Book: The Cozy Life by Pia Edberg

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Cozy Life’ by Pia Edberg. Pia writes about the Danish concept of Hugge. Pronounced Hoo-gah. As I tend to say things how they are written, when I come across a new word, saying Hugge throughout the book was a mindful task.

I really like this book and how Pia incorporates her Hugge world into her stories. I certainly felt cosy reading it. Put a smile on my face and felt peaceful. The book encouraged me to start my digital clean up (yet again).

As I’ve no internet still, I concentrated on my computer files and started my hard drive clean up. I deleted 2606 files! I haven’t even finished. Photos and music are the ones I’ve left to fully complete on my computer. I’m sure I’ll find something else hiding somewhere.

I’ve got into the bad habit of trying to get ‘free’ money. To do this I’ve to either spend money or use my time downloading and playing games. I’m not a game person and so far out of x amount I’ve downloaded only one is something I like. I’ve decided to get rid.

I’ve done so for majority apart from the game I do like. Thankfully, I don’t need internet for that one. With another, I am so many points away from about £10 Amazon voucher. I’m gonna search until I’m eligible then remove myself from all.

For someone who wants a simple life, I do make things harder for myself. I’d like to use Hugge in my life. Be part of my frugal project.

Book: Be Your Own Life Coach by Jeff Archer

After my break from work the last couple of days, I feel back on form. The funk is gone. I was able to post my phone off and my iPod is fixed. I’ve felt more in a relaxed state of mind. Becuase of this I’ve been able to just be and read. Leading to finish my book.

Be Your Own Life Coach by Jeff Archer. Think I’m having a 2.5 day. This is what I’d rate this book. I liked I could see another viewpoint on coaching. This book is based on developing yourself as the name suggests.

Previously I’ve read books with questions in and either passed over them or I might think of the answer in my head. This time I had a go. I answered a few (see below). But I got to a point I felt I didn’t need to or want to answer. I just wanted to read the book.

I felt this book was looking at the outside-in approach to coaching. What I’ve been learning is the inside-out approach. This way of coaching and mindset I feel is more for me. Don’t get me wrong. The book provides different strategies from the activities and I like the real people stories.

They make it more relatable. From my view of reading it, I believe it’s not gonna help me anymore, then being an alright read.

By the time I finish working on this book I will?

  • Feel less anxiety
  • Feel more courageous
  • Be more effective at saying yes to want I want
  • Be better at saying no to what I don’t want
  • Have more confidence
  • Have a greater joy for life
  • Feel balance in my life
  • Make the most of every opportunity

Today I will be:

  • Mindful
  • Easeful
  • Confident
  • Assertive
  • Generous

Today’s opportunities for change:

  1. Behave more confident in the team meeting
  2. Be clear on my yes and no
  3. Eat healthier by taking fruit as snacks to work
  4. Experience a sense of easefulness by doing Yoga
  5. Let my thoughts pass me by and focus in the now

Being with the end in mind:

  • My greatest achievement will be growing my confidence and courageousness
  • My Biggest challenge will be living a healthier lifestyle
  • The greatest benefits of this book will be me doing the work, seeing what works for me to improve my personal development

Top 5 things in life that are guaranteed to make me happy:

  1. Spending time with Dave
  2. Having day trips
  3. Spending time with family and friends
  4. Writing
  5. Reading

What did I enjoy doing today?

  • Yoga
  • BSL videos
  • Reading
  • Monthly Journal Review

What would I like to do less of?

  • Doing other people’s job

What did I learn today?

  • That my mindset hasn’t changed fully. I felt anger/frustration at work. The lack of communication/organisation

What will I do differently tomorrow?

  • Try process my anger/frustration in a different way to better understand it

Thought of the day:

  • I’m loving my discovery of my creative outlet

Lifestyle Ratings: Dissatisfied 0 – 10 Satisfied

  • Confidence levels: 5
  • Personal Relationships: 6
  • Family life: 3
  • Friends: 7
  • Effectiveness at home: 4
  • Energy levels: 5
  • Fitness: 4
  • Stamina: 3
  • Nutrition habits: 4
  • Body shape: 6
  • Physical appearance: 7
  • Career development: 4
  • Financial situation: 2
  • Ability to cope with stress: 6
  • Effectiveness at work: 6
  • Enjoyment of your leisure time: 3
  • Ability to manage your time: 6
  • Ability to prioritise: 5
  • Personal development: 5
  • Ability to balance my life: 4
  • Happiness: 5
  • Overall satisfaction with life: 6

What did I learn by assessing different aspects of my life?

  • I thought some that were high scores would be lower and vice versa

Do my scores reflect a balanced outlook on life?

  • I feel they are close to my overall satisfaction. But more work needs to happen to be completely balanced.

Have I thought about my life as a collection of different areas before?

  • Yes, in the Holiday Council, Molly breaks down areas into slices of life. But not to the degree here.

Watched: Precious Cargo: 2.5 out of 5

Book: Finding Your Voice by Joanna Crosse

Speaking up, saying what needs to be said hasn’t always gone well for me. I was shy growing up. Times I felt I spoke but wasn’t heard. I gave up. I’ve been going through life having that hole, getting bigger.

That loss of connection. The loss of my voice. My confidence. Thinking what others thought of me. My mind and thoughts have ruled me since a little kid. Where, why or how I couldn’t tell. I’d be making up stories.

That is my past!

Knowing the where, why or how doesn’t matter to me. Not anymore. What matters to me now is finding my voice both personally and professionally. Opening up on here, I’ve found has helped me a lot. I’m finding my voice. I’m learning who I am and who I wanna be.

Before I started writing, I bottled things inside. I let my mind rule me. It’s helped me open my eyes. Along with my daily journey, the personal development I’m doing and finding joy in my life. I need to continue finding my voice, my courage and confidence.

The inspiration for this post was the book Finding Your Voice by Joanna Crosse. Having borrowed it from the library, I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve put it on my wishlist.

I like her writing style, the case studies and the ability to go back and look at snippets at a time. Very clear layout. Recommended Read.

Book: How to Stress Less by Benjamin Bonetti

I’ve just finished the book How to Stress Less by Benjamin Bonetti. When first reading it, I was rocking the boat at 3 out of 5. Giving information on what stress is etc.

But when he got into the main part about the 3 elements I became hooked. Especially in the nutrition section. It’s made me wanna put a blender on my to buy list. Because of the elements part of the book, I’d give it an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

It’s made me think of stress and how I’m in control of it. Another way to look at it with mindfulness. What I do with/to my body and mind and the contents I put into it makes a difference.

Another view confirming we’re in control of our own lives. All aspects of it. Not others.