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A Goodbye

Today was a wake up to go to Malcolm’s funeral. My great uncle. Seeing him in hospital bed throughout the year. It’s sad to say goodbye but he’s in a better place. Pain free.

After the service and wake. I dealt with the debt from the gas meter that was left from the previous owners. Thankfully after so much too-ing and fro-ing we got there in the end.

I was pottering around. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So my mum told me to get my coat, we’re off shopping. I ended up with a microwavable heated bear, as a treat.

I spent quite a bit on lighting for the house. The house lights still not covered. Once home, dinner made and eaten, I decided to chill with some telly.

My step-dad came up to talk to me about radiators. We need all new and then money was spent. We may not have all the lights for the house but least we’ll have heat for the winter. Well we will once all the pipes go back into the house.

The skip is arriving tomorrow. It’s a good job seeing we have 3 rooms with things to go into it.

I’m working in the morning. But I’ll be able to join in for the afternoon. See how far my mum gets, to help her along. Maybe this weekend we’ll get everything stripped wallpaper wise. See how far we get.

Everyone is asleep before me again this evening. Let’s see if I get a full through the night sleep.

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Take Advantage of Spare Time

Even though I’ve been at work throughout the day, I’ve still had time to go to family events. I even had time to relax too. Me relaxing with watching telly for half an hour.

We attended Daves nephews 1st birthday party for an hour. I helped out where I could. I have met his sister’s friends before at her baby shower but I still not myself comfortable social wise.

When home we had a family meal before I had to head back to work. For once my rota allowed me to balance parts of my life together. I took full advantage of that. Tomorrow I’ve only been given a short day which means we can go to our house to do some work. My parents and Dave’s parents may meet for the 1st time too.

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Celebrating 1st Birthdays

We stayed at Daves parents last night as we went to friends to watch a film. It was nice being able to sleep in until I needed to get out of bed. With his parents being considerate about how much noise they produced so not to wake us up.

We did need to get out of bed as it was my nieces 1st birthday party. Maybe its because I don’t have kids but I’m not understanding going all out for the 1st birthday.

But being positive and celebrating the good things in life is a way of doing that. So I suppose celebrating her birthday is good all round for those around her.

Even though she may not have the memory of the party, having those good feelings and vibes around her is a good thing for her. Looking at it that way a 1st birthday should be celebrated.

The rest of the day I was able to change the bad feelings I’ve been holding onto into the good. Reading The Secret was a help to that.

Watched: Skyscraper > 3.5 out of 5

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A Birthday Trip to York 2018

The day has gone by in a flash. We were picked up by Dave’s parents to spend the day in York. Going with them meant I saw a different part of York I haven’t seen before.

There was The Shakespeare Rose Theatre company starting performances; with food and drink stalls. We didn’t stop for a show but did a drink. It was a nice setup. They were making it an authentic experience as possible. I believe they’re gonna be there till the end of August.

Right next door there was an English Heritages Clifford’s Tower. I had never been up before and taking advantage of the membership cards we went up to the top. It had lovely views and could see the companies tent from above.

Next, we went to the riverside. We had a ride on the CityCruises that run regularly. Again this is something I hadn’t done before. It was lovely seeing York from a different perspective.

We had a wander around, stopping for a sit-down and a drink every so often; it has been very hot. A lovely change. Although I have been naughty and not put any sunscreen on.

I got to see inside Betty’s for the first time too.

At the end of the evening we had dinner at Carluccios. I had a wondering meal and an amazing day out.

Time has flown but it was worth it.

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Bags Packed to Play House

Bags packed. From tomorrow we’re staying at the in-laws for 3 nights to doggie sit. 3 nights playing house were it’s just us two, with no parents or building work. It’ll be nice to be able to fully relax.

The mortgage offer came through. We’re booked in to see the financial advisor next week. Nothing from the solicitors. The waiting is making me anxious.

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A Little Update + Gratitude

Working all day has allowed me a no telly day. We’ve been watching a lot of films lately. But being at work shouldn’t be the reason not to watch telly. I need to have no telly days on those I have off too.

One thing I am proud of myself for is that I haven’t had chocolate since the end of January  2018. I’m coming up to half a year with no chocolate; halfway through my no chocolate year. I’m feeling much better mentally by not having chocolate.

I’m grateful for my mother in law for plating me up a dinner because I couldn’t attend due to working. I’m also thankful to her for allowing us to use her kitchen as ours is now an empty shell.

My mum and stepdads home is becoming a building site tomorrow. That’s gonna be an adjustment. But it’ll get us used to our new home being a building site too.