A Birthday Trip to York 2018

The day has gone by in a flash. We were picked up by Dave’s parents to spend the day in York. Going with them meant I saw a different part of York I haven’t seen before.

There was The Shakespeare Rose Theatre company starting performances; with food and drink stalls. We didn’t stop for a show but did a drink. It was a nice setup. They were making it an authentic experience as possible. I believe they’re gonna be there till the end of August.

Right next door there was an English Heritages Clifford’s Tower. I had never been up before and taking advantage of the membership cards we went up to the top. It had lovely views and could see the companies tent from above.

Next, we went to the riverside. We had a ride on the CityCruises that run regularly. Again this is something I hadn’t done before. It was lovely seeing York from a different perspective.

We had a wander around, stopping for a sit-down and a drink every so often; it has been very hot. A lovely change. Although I have been naughty and not put any sunscreen on.

I got to see inside Betty’s for the first time too.

At the end of the evening we had dinner at Carluccios. I had a wondering meal and an amazing day out.

Time has flown but it was worth it.

Bags Packed to Play House

Bags packed. From tomorrow we’re staying at the in-laws for 3 nights to doggie sit. 3 nights playing house were it’s just us two, with no parents or building work. It’ll be nice to be able to fully relax.

The mortgage offer came through. We’re booked in to see the financial advisor next week. Nothing from the solicitors. The waiting is making me anxious.

A Little Update + Gratitude

Working all day has allowed me a no telly day. We’ve been watching a lot of films lately. But being at work shouldn’t be the reason not to watch telly. I need to have no telly days on those I have off too.

One thing I am proud of myself for is that I haven’t had chocolate since the end of January  2018. I’m coming up to half a year with no chocolate; halfway through my no chocolate year. I’m feeling much better mentally by not having chocolate.

I’m grateful for my mother in law for plating me up a dinner because I couldn’t attend due to working. I’m also thankful to her for allowing us to use her kitchen as ours is now an empty shell.

My mum and stepdads home is becoming a building site tomorrow. That’s gonna be an adjustment. But it’ll get us used to our new home being a building site too.

Nodding Off in Company

We spent the evening at the in-laws. Having dinner at Dave’s parents is always lovely. A proper home-cooked meal and pudding.

I did feel bad for nodding off after dinner. Once we decided it was best to come home; apologising for nodding off. I didn’t feel so guilty as Dave’s dad was nodding off too.

We’re all comfortable together as a family.

Next week we’ll be doggy sitting for them while they are on holiday. We’ll get to play house. Shame it’s not our own home yet.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long.

We as a family will do this together

Family means the world to me. I’d do anything in a heartbeat for them. I was due to go to work after looking after my Grandma while my Grandad went to a funeral. However, that wasn’t the case.

I did look after my Grandma but my Grandad ended up going to hospital. After his dizzy spell the other night. It happened again today. Thankfully, he was at the doctors when it happened. They organised for him to go to the hospital.

Knowing this was gonna take time and my mum working away, I was the only one who could. I informed work I may have to give up two of my calls for the afternoon. They found a carer for the first call but not the second.

My Grandad was still waiting for his blood results. I was able to get a neighbour to help out, for me to do the call. On my way back, my Grandad was ready to go home. I picked him up. He needs a 24 hour heart monitor test but waiting for them to get in touch.

It wasn’t even tea time by the time I gave my final update with work. My grandparents didn’t want any more help. But work had covered 4 out of 6 of my morning calls for tomorrow without consulting me. I never asked for these to be covered.

I understand they need to have someone to all the customers but they could have waited longer. They would have still had enough time to cover them if I’d rung back at tea time to say otherwise. We work still 10 pm. There’s nothing I can do about it now.

My Grandad is OK for now. We’ve nothing to say otherwise. We’re doing what we can, when we can. We as a family will do this together.


Family Gratitude

I’m grateful my Grandad felt he could ring to let us know he doesn’t feel right. As soon as the phone was down my mum was on her way round to stay the night. 111 phoned. On the doctor waiting list.

I’m grateful we’ve got family around to give support. I’m on standby if Grandad needs to see the doctor so I can stay with my Grandma. With my mum at theirs, she can help my Grandma while my Grandad rests.

I’ve also bee told my Uncle was in A&E today after a hot water bottle burst on his knee. 3 hours later, knee bandaged up. Blistering and yellow puss. He’s to go back in a couple of days.

We like to have things all happen at once in this family. History has shown this too. Why let it stop now.