Family Day

We had a day of family. We saw Dave’s sister and the kids. Which meant I met baby nephew. He’s so cute. I’ve now met all 3 of the family newcomers for 2017.

We then saw my grandparents. More for car maintenance. But my grandad showed me how to check my tire pressure and I pumped up my tire for the first time. It seem to have held. Tomorrow it’ll get a tire check all round before garage opens Monday. Just in case new tires are needed.

In August I put on my glance for the month to visit my brother and family. That didn’t happen but today it did. We had a lovely catch up. Dave got to see their place.

A nice relaxing evening in when we got home. During this week holiday I’d like to restore from my burning out.

Family Photoshoot

It was good to have us all together. When I say family photoshoot it was: me, mum, step-dad, my two sisters, nephew and niece and the two doggies.

My mum had booked it so we can give a print to each of our grandparents. It was fun. My 4-month-old niece did amazing. She decided halfway through she needed to sleep.

We were able to preview the photos from the shoot, which was nice. We got to choose our favourite ones to decide which to buy. Grandparents Christmas gifts sorted.

That Responsible Adult Feeling

I feel like a responsible adult tonight. Yesterday, I stopped doggie sitting my two for my parents. I’m now at my in-laws’ doggie sitting their two. It happens to be my weekend to work. Dave worked today too.

It is also the Halloween night out in town. Due to my working hours, my chance to go out wasn’t in the cards. Due to Dave working today as well, he would have missed it to look after the dogs. Seeing as they were at home alone while we were working.

So that Dave could go out and the dogs would still have some company. I decided to stay over at my in-laws’ tonight. When on a normal weekend to work I wouldn’t have done. After dropping some off into town. I’m back with some doggies due to go to sleep.

I do feel wide awake and up for going out. But when my alarm goes off I won’t be thinking that or thanking myself.

To all that had enjoyed celebrating Halloween. Did you dress up? What as?

Taste of Living Alone

That’s it. I get a taste of living by myself with two doggies for 9 days. I say this like it’s the first time, I’ve been left alone. I’ve been left alone before, some for much longer. Plus there is the time I was living in dorms and houses away at university.

I believe it’s the first time though that I’m being proactive towards bettering my mental health. As I’m taking on more responsibility while my parents are away. It’ll be like a proper taste of living in my own place.

Which, fingers crossed. Dave and I will be looking to start the ball rolling with that in 2018. I may put that on my goal list.

own home.jpg

I’ve got a couple of post-it notes in the kitchen; to remind me if the extra tasks which are usually my step-dads. Luckily, not hard ones. He kindly cut to grass before he left so I don’t have to do that.

Only small jobs but big responsibility on behalf of the animal and house hygiene:

  • Feed Toddles (my step-dads’ Axolotl)
  • Give dogs their second breakfast and chewsticks (my step-dad says we spoil them!)
  • Take the bins out for bin day

I didn’t want to take the chance of forgetting.

Let’s see how I handle not seeing or being able to speak with my mum for the long week. Hopefully being productive will help. Plus, I’m still working. If the weather is alright, wet is our current theme, I can always take the doggies out for a long walk.

Safe flight, parentals.


Social Media Update and Christmas Charities

Both my goal of Remove all social media by Dec 31st, 2017 and my activation task of telling the charity I would like to stop being a social media volunteer have been started.

I have removed my Twitter and Google+ accounts.

I have informed the charity of my decision towards social media. I got a positive response, which is great. They’re supporting me with my decision and glad I still want to volunteer at the shelter.

I have my name down for three days up until Christmas 2017. This charity, who I have supported since 2012, is one of the two charities I have chosen this year to make a charity shoebox. For all the animals who will be in the shelters over Christmas.

As Yorkshire Animal Shelter, the charity I support is mostly cats. I have chosen Dogs Trust in Leeds as my second.


Today has also been the day of our doggies photoshoot. Which was in aid of charity. The £20 we paid will go straight to Dogs Trust. We then get a discount on the overall cost of any photos, frames or canvas we decide to purchase. It was really fun. Bribery was necessary for a couple of sit and stay shots.

Our photo preview is in a couple of weeks. It’ll be nice to see how good the dogs look.

A Sense of Control

It may have been Friday the 13th but I felt positive by the day I had. I had lunch with B. Our first proper girls’ outing. It was effortless! I didn’t feel like an imposter at all. I bought my one and only Halloween item and the first present of Christmas 2017. I’ve wrapped it and everything.


I even felt positive about my NVQ meeting. More so afterwards. I was honest about my feelings towards it and my job. She understood and supported me completely. Due to the way my NVQ works, I’m only allowed to finish my NVQ 2 months early. But it’s sooner than before.

After a lovely family film night watching The Fast and The Furious. I’m starting to feel control over my life.

Note: I know today is not Friday the 13th. My posts get published two weeks after I write them down. It happened to be Friday the 13th on that day.